General Membership-  The general membership will consist of the parent(s) or guardian(s) listed on the players registration for that season. The parent(s) or guardian(s) listed on the players registration for that season will automatically become a General Member of CGSA for that season. The general membership will also consist of Honorary Members who are defined as any person eighteen years of age or older who is interested in furthering the objective of the league and volunteers as a coach, manager, board member or any other volunteer position within CGSA. 

Election–For the May 2022 Executive Board Members will be elected by the General Membership, via an online voting system, at the end of the Spring Season. 

Election Committee- Each year an election committee will be established and shall consist of no less than three board members who have been approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. The election committee will organize the voting procedures and process for that year's elections.

Election Nominations - All nominations will be presented to the Elections Committee no later than May 1st. Members may nominate themselves or others. All candidates must be members in good standing with the league as of May 1st. All candidates must be at least twenty-one years old. Non-Members may not nominate candidates. 

Any candidate for an Executive Board position must have already served on the Board of Directors for at least two seasons. In the event there is no candidate for the Executive Board position that meets the two seasons requirement then any Board Member may be nominated during the election process. In the event there is no Board Member willing to be nominated then a General Member may be nominated, except for the position of President which must be filled by an existing Board Member. 

Voting- Each General Member, as defined above, is eligible to cast a vote. No family may cast more than two votes in total.